Everything we know about LUNA

LUNA has been replaced by Axie Infinity Shards. The information below is being maintained for historical reasons. Click here to learn more about Axie Infinity Shards.   There is nothing held closer to

Everything we know about Mystic Axies

When a new user stumbles upon Axie Infinity, one of the first questions they inevitably ask is "What is a Mystic". Mystic Axies hold a special place in most Axie collectors hearts, due to the

Axie Season 2 Announced

Today, it was announced that Season 2 of the community Alpha is live, with rewards moving from DAI to Kyber and a slurry of balance changes to mix up the meta. Season 2 will last

Axie Infinity Buffs and Debuffs Guide

While playing the Alpha, many players notice icons that are applied to Axies following certain attacks. The first encounter is typically with an attack in the PVE, leaving an unsightly symbol above their Axies head.

Axie teams up with Kyber – Free Item

Axie Infinity teamed up with Kyber Network again Tuesday to in a marketing program designed to expose each projects users to the other. Kyber's exchange protocol has already been in use by the Axie team

Axie PvP – Seasons Beginning

Earlier today it was announced that Axie Infinity will be beginning its first season of the PvP Arena. Tomorrow, February 2nd will launch day one of a 2 week event, giving participants the chance to

Pre-Vetted Attack Axies

Sometimes you need a little help deciding what Damage Dealing Axies will be best for your team, or your on a budget and need to find the cheapest contenders, or you just need a better