If your just looking to buy MEO Tokens or Sell MEO Tokens, look no further, the UniSwap link is right here: UniSwap MEO Tokens


MEO Tokens

MEO Tokens can be traded for Axie Eggs at the Axie Lab. In order to do this, you need at least 5 tokens, and can trade at a ratio of 5:1, meaning you pay 5 tokens and receive 1 MEO Axie Egg back. MEO Axies were created to introduce new parts to the gene pool – you can learn more about what MEO Axies are here: MEO Axies


The Stats:

  • ERC-20
  • Total Supply: 7305 AEC (note that most MEO Tokens have already been redeemed, but there are still a few in the wild.)
  • The Contract for MEO Tokens is labeled AEC, which stands for Axie Egg Token.

Updated info for the AEC can be found on Etherscan.



MEO Tokens were initially given out to Axie community members for winning contests or creating outstanding content. They were initially announced as “Axie Egg Shop Tokens” on 6/3/2018, and the functionality to redeem them (now called MEO tokens) for a “Bionic Egg” was made available on 6/18/2018.


Want to Buy/Trade MEO Tokens (AEC)?

Unless they release new MEO tokens for another round of MEO Axie Part distribution, the only place you can currently trade or buy MEO Tokens is on Uniswap. The Sky Mavis team does still have MEO Tokens available too and may distribute them in the form of contest prizes.



There is a current contest available from DappRadar, rewarding 3 lucky winners with 5 MEO tokens each. The contest started on October 19th 2020 and will run until November 2nd 2020.