With today’s sale of a 60 ETH Axie, I was curious to see what other high price point Axies have been sold in the few short years of this games existence. I’ve dug into the sales history and found the top 5 Axie sales of all time. Not surprisingly, OneDayPlay’s 60 ETH ($10,396.20 at the time of this writing) Axie was on the list. Despite it making the list, I was surprised at how far down it was.

Note that many higher priced sales are often negotiated over the counter (OTC) to prevent paying any fees to the marketplace or to keep the trade details private, so these have not been included in the stats below.

Highest Axie Sales

  1. Venom – 110 ETH on 3/23/2019
  2. #265 – 85.2 ETH on 3/4/2019
  3. Galadriel – 70 ETH on 11/16/2019
  4. Angel – 60 ETH on 1/27/2020
  5. * – 45 ETH on 11/22/2018

Why so high?

There are many factors that play into why some of these Axies are worth more than others (current floor price is about .02 ETH or $3.00 per Axie). For many investors, rarity is a big factor. Rare parts, low Axie number, battle readiness, and even look come into play.

All of the Axies on this list have multiple Mystic parts, which are the hardest to find parts in the game. These parts were only created on Axies that were purchased during the initial presale of the game and cannot be bred into future Axies. Rarer still is finding multiple Mystic parts on the same Axie.

Finding a low Axie number is also rare, which some collectors believe adds to the value. Note that some of the Axies in the list are under 2 digits, some 3 digits, and some 4 digit numbers. Considering there are now over 140,000 Axies, Axies under 4 or 5 digits are commanding a hefty premium.

Battle readiness is the next factor – this is a game after-all. Each part adds to an Axies base stats and gives them unique moves which determine how much damage it can do, and how much incoming damage it can protect against. Considering that all of the Axies on this list have multiple Mystic parts, they will also get a large competitive advantage. Mystic parts are the only parts in the game that can be upgraded to level 4 and will have unique capabilities yet to be announced.

Lastly, some of these creatures are just irresistable! A cohesive, and dare I say it… CUTE look, can also contribute to the overall price of the Axie. As it is very difficult to breed an Axie with all 6 of the parts you might be looking for, it is not very often you see a well put together, good looking Axie. Just like you might choose a pet in real life based on an attractive look, investors and players alike might choose their Axies for the same reason.