Axie Infinity draws all types – Gamers, Investors, Crypto speculators, Breeders, among other things. Because Axie IS a crypto backed game, its not always easy for someone who doesn’t have exposure to Ethereum to get involved with. We will begin building out more tools and resources for people who want to get involved in this groundbreaking game, but have provided helpful links below to get you started in the meantime.


Registering & Downloading

To start, register for and download the game here: You can find direct links to download for your particular device below. Please note that the game is still in Beta, so the iOS and Android versions are direct downloads and not currently on the Apple or Android Stores.


Buying Axies or Joining a Scholarship

Once you are registered and have the game downloaded you need at least 3 Axies to form a team. You can buy them here:

Don’t have money to buy a team? Several community members have created lending programs (or Scholarship Programs as they’ve begun to be called. Learn more about them here:


Come on in! The waters warm!

Need help, or want to stay engaged?

Many players fall in love with Axie not only because of the engaging game, the beautiful art, and the promise of a play-to-earn future, but also because of the warm and helpful community. You can find the Axie Team and its players in the following places: