When a new user stumbles upon Axie Infinity, one of the first questions they inevitably ask is “What is a Mystic”. Mystic Axies hold a special place in most Axie collectors hearts, due to the rarity, the high sales prices, the mystique (sorry), and because of the eventual benefits they may present in the game.

The “Origin” of Mystics

When Axie infinity first launched in April 2018, the creators sold Plant, Aquatic, and Beat Origins on a sliding scale with the average price of .22eth, rising with each purchase and ending at .42eth. Origin Axies is just a fancy way of saying they were the first of their kind. Axie Origin Coins (AOC) were given out for referrals (if someone bought an Axie using your referral), which was the only way to get a Rare Class Origin. These AOC coins could be redeemed at a 5-to-1 ratio for Origin Axies. There can only ever by 4088 Origin Axies. All Origins are designated with a special tag, and a special victory pose when they win in the Arena.

Each Axie has 6 parts – Eyes, Ears, Mouth, Horn, Back, Tail. As part of the Presale, there was a chance that your origin Axie could randomly spawn with Mystic parts. Each of these 6 parts could randomly – 1 in 18 chance – be created as a Mystic part instead. At their base level, Mystic parts look a lot like the non-mystic parts that they were created from, however they have distinct visual difference.


Traditionally, the Mystic title was only reserved for the rarest Axies, however it has now extended to highly rare land and even items as well. Still, Mystic Axies are the pinnacle of rarity in Lunacia. With only a small chance to roll a Mystic when redeeming AOC coins, there should only be 1453 Mystics EVER to exist in the game. At the time of writing, there are 1139 single Mystics, 213 double Mystics, 19 triple Mystics, and 3 quad Mystics. Currently, there are only 1374 total Mystics in existence.

With some AOC coins still in existence, and a little under 100 Mystics still expected to be created, we can look forward to seeing a few brave souls tempting their fate to roll one of these super rare Axies. The % chance to draw ANY Mystic is around 29%, but the chance to draw multiple Mystic parts is even less likely. Based on some smart math by Owl in the Axie Discord, we can conclude the odds of drawing a certain number of Mystic parts are as follows:

  • Single Mystic chances = 25.04%
  • Double Mystic chances = 3.68%
  • Triple Mystic chances = 0.28%
  • Quad Mystic chances = 0.0127%
  • 5x Mystic chances = 0.000299%
  • 6x Mystic chances = 1 chance in 34,012,224

Mystic Parts

Mystic Parts look kind of like your average Axie parts, but with a small change. The variance between normal parts and Mystic parts is expected to become more distinct as lvl 2-4 upgrades become available.

Until these parts are upgrades, we know about the 34 different base Mystic Parts:

Broken Bookworm

Calico Zeal

Candy Babylonia

Crimson Gecko

Crystal Hermit

Deadly Pogona

Dreamy Papi

Escaped Gecko

Feasting Mosquito

Fire Ant

Golden Bamboo Shoot
Golden Shell
Handsome Lam


Heart Cheek



Kuro Koi


Mr. Doubletalk

Namek Carrot

Pink Turnip

Pinku Unko

Pointy Nyan

Red Nimo

Rugged Sail

Sakura Cottontail

Skull Cracker

Sky Mavis

Snowy Swallow

Starry Balloon

Starry Shell

The Last Leaf


Venom Bite

Winter Branch

You can see the rarity of each of these parts on Freaks Github. To learn about what each of these parts does, you can search for them in the Axie Trait Sorter.

Part Upgrades

There is still a lot we don’t know about what these parts will do for us, however we do know that Mystic parts will be the only parts that will be able to upgrade to Legendary (level 4). From various hints released by the team, we know that these lvl 4 Mystic parts will both be extremely unique and extravagant, as well as have extraordinary powers compared to the base parts.

So far, we’ve only seen a few examples of what these parts may evolve into:

Rumor Mill

  • Having a Mystic on your team may increase chimera drops. Need to validate.
  • There is an interesting theory that could likely increase Mystic part rarity. Its been long speculated that part evolution will not be a one to one upgrade, instead there will be a decision tree for each upgrade called branching. Every part upgrade may give players the option to choose one of 2 (or potentially more) branches, which would mean there could be 8 possible legendary parts for each common Mystic part (2 rares, 4 Ultra Rares, and 8 Legendary’s).

Don’t Own a Mystic yet?

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