Land gameplay in Axie Infinity is “right” (can we bold those quotes any more?) around the corner and is therefor unsurprisingly the topic of a lot of rumors and speculation. As Axie is a Crypto based game, speculation leads to the potential for profits, so being properly informed can mean the difference between making a good or bad investment.

I’ve gone through all the documentation, chat logs, interviews, etc. that are currently available to get to the bottom of what is known about Land Gameplay.

About Lunacia Land

The Axie Land sale started on Jan. 21st 2019 and announced a novel new way to take part in the Axie Infinity ecosystem. Players were given the opportunity to purchase plots of land in Lunacia, the Axie Infinity universe. Lunacia is made up of a 301×301 grid of land plots, with 1/4 of them being up for grabs during the initial land sale. The 3 remaining quadrants will be offered at a later date at what is expected to be a slightly increased price.

Land Types

There are 4 main types of land in Lunacia. The initial land sale offered 17,207 plots in the NorthWest Quadrant with increasing price, rarity, and location benefit. These were offered in “crates” with up to 10 items per crate. Currently all areas are all sold out with the exception of a percentage of the Arctic land (.45 ETH each).

  • Savannah – 5349 Plots, .05 ETH each. Furthest from the center.
  • Forest – 5459 Plots, .16 ETH each. Next closest to the center.
  • Arctic – 4171 Plots, .45 ETH each. 2nd sector from the center.
  • Mystic – 2338 Plots, 1 ETH each. Closest to the center.

Special Land

In addition to the 17,207 plots of land for sale in the initial Land Sale, there are several special types of land.

  • Genesis Land – Small chance to receive when purchasing any other land. Genesis Land borders Luna’s Landing and will host special content like chimera bosses and raids. 220 Genesis plots exist, 75 “rolled” during the initial land sale. Each consecutive land sale will offer less total Genesis plots than the first.
  • Luna’s Landing – Land at the center of the map that “will be used to incentivize content creators and host special world events in the Axie universe.” Players who collected a full set of items before May 22nd, 2019 were given 1 Luna’s Landing Plot.


Items were included in each chest, along with 1 land plot. There are currently 199 different types of items total. These items are able to be placed on land to modify stats like Axie speed/damage, dropped Luna collected, or wood chopping speed, which gives us further hints about what land gameplay will be like. Each item takes up 1 or more spaces within the plot of land (each plot consists of 64 spaces, 8×8 grid). I wont go into too much detail about the various items here as these can be browsed through on our Item Sorter page. It should however be noted that each item has a rarity (common, rare, epic, mystic), as well as a type (Savannah, Forest, Arctic, Mystic). It is unknown at this point if an item with a particular land type will only be able to be placed on that type of land.

Roads, Rivers, Buildings and Locations

Not much has been released about actual locations and objects on the map yet, however the Land Sales homepage does give us some clues.

A few of the locations and objects that we know about currently are listed below:

  • Roads – 300% increase in Axie speed when traveling on roads.
  • Rivers – Cannot be passed on foot, Roads over rivers are shown as bridges.
  • Hot springs – Unknown – Possibly heals?
  • Farmyard – Grows Herb.
  • Battle Tent – Unknown.
  • Food Shop – Sells Food – Possibly Player owned.
  • Potion Shop – Sells Potions – Possibly Player owned.
  • Residence – Unknown – Possibly Houses NPC’s.
  • Trees – Can be cut down to provide Wood. Possibly Public Resource Node (Pink Squares).
  • Windmill – Unknown.
  • Pond – Unknown – Possibly Fishing available here, possibly Public Resource Node (Pink Squares).
  • Igloo – Unknown.
  • Stone Statue – Unknown.
  • Quarry – Can be used to harvest Stone.
  • Dungeon – Access Point to Chimera Battles.

It’s important to note that land can be purchased, rented out, and developed by players so the landscape WILL be changing over time. An SDK will also be made available for developers to create external content that players can access via “wormholes” on the map. A great example of this are community created Axie Sushi Races and Flappy Axie.

Landholders can upgrade and customize their territory to host shops, Chimera summoning beacons, produce resources, house NPC’s, and even act as access points for dungeons!


Now we’re getting into some of the interesting economy building pieces of this game. Resources are earnable, tradeable, and (considering the nature of blockchain) very likely sellable in-game items. Notably, Small Love Potions were recently introduced to the community as an earnable token that acts as a mechanism to breed your axies, which flipped the idea of Play-to-earn on its head. Currently, we know about the following Resources:

  • Small Love Potions (SLP) – Earned from battling Chimera in the Alpha app.
  • Wood – Earned from chopping wood at a resource node. Likely used to build structures on top of land.
  • Stone – Earned by mining at a Quarry. Likely used to build structures on top of land.
  • Gold – Leaked on stream, implied its used to build structures.
  • Herb – Earned by visiting a Farmyard. Unknown use, possibly healing.
  • Crystal – Unknown.
  • Ore – Unknown.
  • Goo – Unknown.

Some of these items will only be available while one of Lunacia’s 7 moons are shining, so timing your gathering will be important. This may have an effect on rarity as well. Resources will be used to upgrade both Land and Axies.


Lunacia has its own earnable in-game currency as well called Luna. Its likely that many in-game, player to player purchases, will take advantage of Luna. Not much is known about this yet, other than a few areas:

  • Luna was rewarded in the initial land sale, and was able to be used to purchase additional parcels of land.
  • There is a small % chance of dropping Luna while traveling across another Lunacian’s Land. Some items increase this chance, for example, the MakerDao Gold Mystic Item increases an Axies chance to spill luna by 5% when traveling over land where it has been placed.

Other currencies like DAI and LOOM have been rumored to drop as well, or be used as rewards for certain quests, events, or tournaments.


We have a good idea what the battle system looks like from the Community Alpha release in Jan 2020 and we are fairly confident that this will be translated into land gameplay as well. We are still piecing together what the gameplay will look like, but have been fed a few pieces of information.

  • It will take a while to travel places. From the outskirts of the map to the Luna’s Landing may take anywhere from a few days up to a week (this may be tweaked by the dev team). Land closer to the center may have an advantage for events.
  • The 7 moons of Lunacia will have an effect on gameplay, and may influence events.
  • Chimera will drop an assortment of resources, items, and blueprints used to upgrade territory and individual Axies.
  • Alliances may be formed to pool land and resources. Artifacts may be created with the help of alliances to give alliance wide buffs. Pooling land may also allow us to create larger “buildings” than we may be able to create ourselves.
  • Pink squares are public resource nodes and chimera spawn locations. These lands will also play a role in hosting dungeons and world events.

Release Date?

Jiho stated in a recent dev update that they could have had land gameplay released in June or July of 2019, which would have stayed true to the roadmap, however they want to ensure they are releasing a polished product that exceeds the communities expectations.

Early this year, it was leaked that initial gameplay may be released in Q1 of 2020, along with a new roadmap.

Unfortunetly, we’ve recently been notified that the Land Gameplay Alpha has been postponed to Q3 or Q4 of 2020 due to the CoronaVirus, a migration from the Loom sidechain, and fast growth and onboarding needs of the core development team.

Don’t own Land yet?

Land is currently SOLD OUT, but you can purchase land directly from other players in the Axie Marketplace.