If you’ve been following Axie Infinity for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard that there is a Governance Token that is soon to be released. The recently announced Axie Infinity Shards will take that role.

Latest information on the Axie Infinity Shards can be found in the links below:



Before Axie Infinity Shards, an ERC-20 token called Luna was “soft launched” back in January 2019. This was given to participants of the initial land sale; specifically those who bought using someone else’s (or even their own) referral link. The initial price was estimated to be around $.10 per token, based on that 10% of land chest cost calculation. Luna was always shrouded in mystery, but we were notified that it was to be recreated at a later date to become the new Governance Token. Although EtherScan showed Luna to have a Max Supply of 420,000,000 tokens, we were told that the previous tokenomics would likely not transfer to the new token. Luna was eventually frozen on 9/7/2020, a snapshot taken of the current holders, and a promise for more info soon.

To learn more about the old placeholder Governance Token Luna, and what we had pieced together about it, please feel free to read through our overview, Everything we know about Luna, which we’ll keep up for historical purposes.

The Resurrection

For one thing, Luna never had a Logo, so much of what we envisioned was left to our imagination. Axie Infinity Shards on the other hand… Is Epic.

We first noticed it subtly leeked in the new logo during an interview Jiho did.

The name Axie Infinity Shards is also much more clear about what the token is at its core. With the rise of NFT Sharding (recently done with several Agamogenesis Axies), this word is becoming synonymous with the idea of splitting ownership among a large group of people. By naming Axie’s core Governance token “Axie Infinity Shards”, it doesn’t seem like a stretch to believe that ownership of the game will be in some way distributed amongst its holders. This idea of ownership fits with previous leeks as well.

How do you get it?

Currently, until Land Gameplay is released (and the new token is officially launched), there is no current way to acquire Axie Infinity Shards. From everything we’ve seen so far however, we can make a few guesses about how to increase your earnings once the Alpha begins:

  • Own Land. Preferably closer to nodes. Higher rarity = more Axie Infinity Shards (Genesis > Mystic > Artic > Forest > Savannah)
  • Build shops on your Land to sell items (presumably you’d be able to designate your price in Axie Infinity Shards).
  • Purchase a MakerDao item to keep on your land (Axies have a greater chance to spill LUNA when traveling over land this item is placed on. Gold 5%, Silver 2%, Bronze 1%). This language will likely be updated from Luna -> Axie Infinity Shards at a later date.
  • Play frequently. Axie Infinity Shards will be available in normal gameplay!
  • Its rumored that certain Mystic Axies may enable faster Axie Infinity Shard accrual through quicker battling, or being able to craft better resources.


Another interesting concept provided by Axie Infinity Shards is its ability to grant the holder Governance over the game. This will allow the community, aka Axie Infinity Shard holders, to have a voice in big decisions within Lunacia. What does this mean? It seems that one of the AI teams eventual goals is true decentralization from a central organization. Similar a town council, Axie Infinity Shards can potentially give holders the ability to give the yay or nay on buildings being built, businesses being created, or possibly even economic decisions like token burns. We don’t know a whole lot about this mechanic yet, but expect more information as land gameplay nears its release.

The Economics of Lunacia

Axie Infinity Shards start getting interesting when you combine everything we know about land game play. We’ve been able to gather enough to put together a rough understanding of how Axie Infinity Shards travel in Lunacia.

Axie Infinity Shards will be able to be spent on things like:

  • Axie Lab Purchases
  • Potions
  • Upgrades
  • Merchandise
  • Marketplace Fees (Ronin swap liquidity pool fees?)
  • In Game Items
  • Player Services
  • Building BluePrints
  • Land and Chests

Axie Infinity Shards are expected to go back into circulation via Resource Node Drops, Chimera Drops, Promotions, and Tournament Prizes. Its anticipated that they will also except other currencies (USD, ETH, Bitcoin, etc.), which will be used to buy back Axie Infinity Shard tokens from an exchange recirculate. Additionally, Sky Mavis takes a 4.5% fee from their Marketplace (as well as 1% from OpenSeas), which is rumored to be redirected towards these buybacks as well. Essentially all transactions within the Axie Infinity Universe will directly affect Axie Infinity Shards.

So what happens after its distributed via the various drops. Players who earn the Axie Infinity Shards must bring it back to their land in order to keep it. Some of this is dropped along the way, directly benefiting the land owners it drops to. Land closer to the nodes (designated by the pink spaces below) will benefit from a higher frequency of these token drops.

It also seems that larger quantities of Axie Infinity Shards will occur closer to the center of the Map. The better the land, the better the drops.

When will it be available?

We are expecting Axie Infinity Shards to be released in Q4 2020 – so soon! We will update this page once more information is released!