Interview with OneDayPlay

After Monday’s hype about the purchase of Angel, a 3 Mystic Axie that sold for 60 ETH (around $10,396.20 at the time of purchase), I wanted to get some insight into the rational behind why someone would add an Axie like this to their collection. After all, Angel IS the 4th highest priced Axie to sell on the open market! After some digging I was told by the person who helped arrange the sale, Zakke, that the purchaser goes by OneDayPlay on Discord. Zakke made the introduction.


OneDayPlay, a front-end developer from Switzerland, started getting involved in crypto mid 2017. When dApps started becoming popular in early 2018, he followed the trend. In researching this new movement, he stumbled upon Axie Infinity on the very first day of their pre-sale, joining the discord and the small growing community. Ever since then he has kept close to Axie and stays up to date with the active development and, what he defines, as an “awesome community”.

The Axie designs were cute and had a lot of variety. I could feel the creativity and passion of the creators. The concept of creatures with evolvable parts was just very unique and sparked my interest back then.

When asked about his investment, OneDayPlay insists that he is more of a player, collector, and developer (many community members are working to grow the Axie ecosystem via their own individual talents) rather than an investor. He says that he has a hard time selling his Axies and feel like he would regret the decision if he did choose to cash out. When he does sell any of his Axies the earnings tend to go right back into the Axie economy. Testing his Axies in PvP/PvE, and using the results to craft even better teams is where his focus currently lies.

Putting proceeds from past sales back into the Axie economy, is where yesterday’s story begins as well. OneDayPlay sold another triple Mystic, #265, 10 months earlier for 85.2 ETH. He felt he had a void he needed to fill and began looking for another 3x Mystic – Angel caught his eye.

It’s a good combination of parts in aesthetics and I think the evolutions will be beautiful. Also as an attacker archetype it’s quite solid and will most likely remain its strength.

There were no negotiations despite Angel being listed for 130 ETH in the past. Zakke worked as middleman and proposed the 60 ETH price. Considering his last Mystic sale, OneDayPlay was just reinvesting profit at this point. He thought the price made sense and sealed the deal with Coco_Bear through the NFT marketplace OpenSea. When asked for comment, Coco_Bear said he was sure OneDayPlay would take good care of Angel.

I asked OneDayPlay why he would make such a large investment in a game. He stated that the cute, quality art combined with the current and future use cases of Axies is enormous.

The connection of land game-play and Axies will enable players but also developers, content creators and artists to express themselves in the land of Lunacia. Past progress and updates were always very well thought out and innovative and I think the future is exciting.

OneDayPlay is currently only focused on Axie Infinity. As a developer, he’s already building tools around the game. As an investor, player, and Axie collector, he says he is excited to see how the world of Lunacia will be introduced and connected with gameplay and rewards. Crafting, Evolving, Leveling his Axies, and building on his Land will all be very interesting to watch come to fruition.

With land gameplay nearing, we can all look forward to seeing OneDayPlay and his Triple Mystic Axie Angel, wandering around Lunacia.