Axie Infinity teamed up with Kyber Network again Tuesday to in a marketing program designed to expose each projects users to the other. Kyber’s exchange protocol has already been in use by the Axie team during its NFT auctions, and can still be seen in action for its Land Sale.

How do I enter?

Players have until March 22nd at 9pm (GMT + 7) to add 50 Kyber KNC to their Ethereum wallet and click the REGISTER button at the top of the promotions page. All participants who register by this date will receive the reward. It’s important to note that the KNC tokens must be in your wallet on March 22nd at 9pm, when the snapshot is taken.

What do I get?

The Kyber Ancient Stone is a NFT for the game Axie Infinity. This is an item for the upcoming Land gameplay, currently expected to be released at the end of Q1 2020. Owners of this item will be rewarded with a bonus: “Reduce resource harvesting time by 2% on plots this item is placed on.” We can infer that the Kyber Ancient Stone will be a Forest environment Epic item based on it being placed between two other Forest Epic items (Gold Wild Flower & Gilded Lamp) on the promotional page. It’s worth noting that the current floor prices for these other items is between .035 and .04ETH, although supply of the Kyber Ancient Stone is still unknown which may effect future value.

Ok, so I need Kyber (KNC)?

50 Kyber (KNC) is required to enter this promotion. While you will have to trade some ETH for KNC , you can trade it back after the March 22nd snapshot, effectively making this a FREE promotion (pending there isn’t a large price divergence between ETH and KNC between now and then). Kyber can be picked up at any number of exchanges, but for the sake of the promotion, we will be using their site.

  1. Go here:
  2. Ensure your Wallet is connected.
  3. Type 50 under the KNC symbol on the right hand side, confirm the ETH amount looks correct
  4. Click the big orange “Swap Now” Button

Once this is complete, you can go back to the Axie/Kyber Promotion page and click the orange “REGISTER” button. If this does not work, ensure you are logged into the correct wallet, and that your KNC/ETH Swap Transaction has successfully gone through.