Today, it was announced that Season 2 of the community Alpha is live, with rewards moving from DAI to Kyber and a slurry of balance changes to mix up the meta.

Season 2 will last 2 weeks, from March 9th – March 22nd 2020.

PVP Arena Rewards

In a move showing a stronger relationship between the two projects, the Axie team announced that Kyber (KNC ) will be replacing DAI as the reward for players at the top of the leaderboard. The top 50 players will receive aKNC, at a 1000 aKNC to 1 KNC ratio, redeemable at the end of the season.

See the breakdown provided by the team below:

There are a total of 2000 KNC up for grabs this season, with 25% (500 KNC) distributed according to the table above. The other 75% (or 1,500 KNC) will be randomly dropped during arena matches during season 2, so all players have the chance to earn some Kyber!

Meta Balance

While everyone seems to be excited for the KNC rewards (KNC rose sharply following the ongoing land item promotion), more controversial changes were made by the balance team. Sharp nerfs were made across the board, calling into question the viability of healing traits, 0 energy traits, and the role of Tanks in general for Season 2.

The teams goals with these tweaks served a few purposes – to create more variety between play styles, to reduce the number of over-powered cards, to create more room for skill to win, and to make the game easier to pick up for new players. They ask that we be patient with the balance changes, and remind players that the game is still in Alpha.

Meta changes for Season 2 are below. Updates have been made to the Axie Trait Sorter.

For additional information, the Axie Infinity Teams initial Season 2 announcement can be found here: .