With the recent influx of Trainers looking to get started with Axie Infinity, prices for a team of Axie’s have risen due to increased demand. Due to this higher price, many potential players are looking for a cheaper way to get started. Axie Scholarships, or Axie Lending programs, have begun popping up to fill this demand. These programs are often started by trusted community members, and allow new players to use spare Axie’s to get started. These initiatives are great for a number of reasons:

  • They allow new players to try out the game, without spending money until they are sure they would like to invest further.
  • They allow people without a lot of money to spare to begin earning in game currencies, which can be traded for real money.


How they work

Many longstanding Axie enthusiasts have hundreds or even thousands of Axies (in the early days, Axies were cheap and breeding was cheaper). Since its currently impossible to play with all of these Axies at once, and nobody wants to just SELL all of their lovable pets, it makes a lot more sense for them to lend these left over Axies out to people who could actually use them. This is a win-win relationship – since Axie is a play to earn game, the trainers get a team to play with and a large cut of the winnings, and the Lenders get a small cut of the earnings as a management/lending fee.

It’s important to note that these programs are USUALLY risk free for the Trainers participating in them. The Axie’s owners create an account with a team of Axies, provide you the login info, and you are ready to play. There is NEVER a reason to share your personal information or private keys. Once you’ve earned resources in the game, it is up to the program owner to cash out (usually once a week or once a month) and send you your share.

The only potential risk you could encounter is a program owner not sharing the profits (in which case all you’ve lost is time). This is why we recommend going with vetted, trustworthy programs.


Vetted Programs

We’ve vetted a few of these programs, listed information about them, as well as information about how to apply. Note that the programs listed are all run by long-standing, trusted, members of the discord community, however they are not affiliated with either AxieEdge, or Sky Mavis (the company that runs Axie Infinity). While we have high faith that none of these programs will try to rip off its users, please do your own research before joining a program and try to understand what the various payment schemes look like in your currency to ensure it is worth your time and effort. These are listed in alphabetical order to avoid bias.


ABR Axie Scholarship Program

  • About – ABR Axie Scholarship Program
  • Size – Over 50 Members
  • Benefits – Training from 3 Pro Axie Players, Incentives for Top Earners, Scholar Tourny’s, RC card partnerships
  • Reward Split – Trainers 65% SLP / Program 35% SLP
  • Requirements – 2,500/1,800 SLP earned per month, 1000 minimum withdrawal

The ABR Axie Scholarship Program is currently full, but you can join a waiting list by filling out this form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/14yOdCD1IHvgichkqSzi6HHX5j4I_AZq-s-P9I6OdAAs/edit


AK’s Axie Scholarship

AK’s Axie Scholarship is currently full, but you can join a waiting list by filling out this form: https://forms.gle/WnkgxnpEqE8zGQkd6


AxieWorld Scholarship Program

Applications for the AxieWorld Scholarship Program are currently open. You can apply in the AxieWorld Discord by contacting Clumsier#1657.


Cat’s & Reillz’s Axie Friends

Reillz’s Axie Friends is currently full, but you can join a waiting list by inquiring within their Discord server: https://discord.gg/SjbFX2ZzBC


Fiv3rz Guild

Applications for Fiv3rz Guild are currently open. You can apply here: https://fiv3rz.com/axieinfinity. US and UK excluded.


Multi-Account Warning

Please note that these programs are intended for players who cannot afford their own team. According to the Sky Mavis Team “We regularly ban players who break our terms of use https://axieinfinity.com/terms, and for avoidance of doubt : you may only play on one account within any 24-hour period.” Registering for more than one of these Scholorship Programs is perfectly acceptable, but please do not accept more than one program. Programs with players who have more than 1 registered account may be removed, so trying to break these rules hurts everyone involved.