Earlier today it was announced that Axie Infinity will be beginning its first season of the PvP Arena. Tomorrow, February 2nd will launch day one of a 2 week event, giving participants the chance to earn up to $50 in DAI, along with random drops of DAI and SLP (Small Love Potion). This season will mark the first of many, 6 of which are currently planned.

This season system showcases the benefits of Blockchain technology by combining the two most popular use cases for Blockchain: Gaming and Decentralized Finance (DeFi).


Prior to this announcement, PvP players could earn a small amount of SLP per match. The Axie team is ramping up the earning potential with the addition of random DAI drops for all players lucky enough, and DAI earnings for the top 50 players on the biweekly ladder.

aDAI, as shown above, has a ratio of 1000aDAI to 1DAI. So 1000 aDAI will = $1 USD.

1500 DAI ($1,500) are up for grabs in the first season, and will be split between both casual and hardcore players.

  • All players, regardless of ability, will have the chance to earn 75% ($1,125) of this pot. A percentage of this pot will be randomly dropped to players in the PvP Arena over the course of the 2 week season.
  • The top 50 players on the ladder will receive varying percentages of the remaining 25% ($475) of the pot (breakdown shown in the graphic above).

Top contenders will receive rewards based on the above schedule, confirmed and distributed at the end of the season. Please note that aDAI (Axie DAI), displayed in the image below, is 1000 aDAI to 1 DAI (equivalent to 1 USD). This means that the Top 1 player will earn 50 DAI ($50 USD), the Top 21-50 place players will earn 4 DAI ($4USD), and players falling in the middle tiers (2-20) will earn various amounts between 28DAI and 6DAI.

Rumor has it that later seasons will offer different cryptocurrencies as rewards, and that the team already has 2 others ready to add.

Upcoming Seasons & Events

The Axie team has laid out a road-map for additional PvP seasons heading into the summer. It’s nice to see that their focus on supporting community created content continues, as they have also announced two upcoming community tournaments by Axie.GG and Leeky Games.

We foresee this to be only just the beginning for Axie Events, so we’ve created an events calendar to keep track of it all. All upcoming events can be found here: https://axieedge.com/events/

If you have an event you’d like added, please DM me (enjoi) on Twitter or Discord.

Are you ready??

Season 1 will begin at 9 AM EST tomorrow, February 17th! Do you have your winning team yet?

See you in the Arena!