One of the most frequent questions asked by new and old players alike is: What is my Axie worth?

Axies are valued for a number of different traits: Breeding capability (lower breeds the better), Viability in the Arena, Mystic Parts, and Rarity are all taken into account; and to be honest, SOME JUST LOOK COOL!

But no matter how great your Axies are, sometimes it’s just time to say goodbye.

So how do we figure out what to price the Axies at? or even more important, how do we figure out what a good deal is?

Disclaimer: This calculator bases prices on historical data and provides a good estimate, but crypto markets can sometimes be emotional and irrational. The calculator is not meant to be exact, and you may find that the prices are higher or lower than the rest of the market suggests.

In these cases, you can do a few things:

  • Compare your Axie (parts and all), to other similar Axies.
  • Ask someone in the Axie Infinity Discord. The community is extremely helpful. Join the #Marketplace-Listing-and-Sales channel and just ask someone for a price estimate!