Land Gameplay for Axie Infinity is arguably one of the most anticipated features in blockchain gaming this year. With the quadrant 1 Land Sale occurring in December 2018, players have been patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) awaiting its arrival. Considering the hype around Lunacia, its understandable that new players often have questions about whats in store.

Land F.A.Q.


  • How much total land exists?
  • A. Each quarter contains 17,241 plots. There will be 68,964 total plots once Quadrant 4 is sold.


  • Q. When is the Next Land Sale?
  • A. The next land sale will not occur until after Land Gameplay is officially released. The Axie community is currently guessing that the next land sale will be available in Spring or Summer of 2021. In the meantime, you can buy it from


  • Q. When will Land Gameplay become available?
  • A. Its expected that land gameplay will become available before Christmas 2020, or at latest Q1 of 2021.


  • Q. Is Land needed to play Axie Infinity?
  • A. No, Land is just a piece of the overall Axie Vision. Currently, if you have 3 Axies (or are part of an Axie Scholarship Program), you can take part in the Community Alpha. It’s speculated that once Land Gameplay is released, players won’t need to own land either, however they will miss out on special benefits.


  • Q. What are the benefits of holding land?
  • A. Among other things, land holders will be able to decorate their plots, build buildings that may act as businesses, and earn resources (Things like wood, stone, and Governance Tokens) that will be dropped when other players walk across an area you own. The ability to add items to your Land will also be very helpful since they add modifiers like +15% damage, +10% Wood Chopping, +5% Speed, etc.


  • Q. What will the pricing for the next land sale be?
  • A. The team has stated that the price will be at least 10% higher in future land sales. As exact price is uncertain, we speculate that Q2 land price would have to fall in line within 10%+/ – of current market rates otherwise it would negatively affect the economy.


  • Q. Will items be included in future land sales?
  • A. We have not received any definitive guidance on whether future chests will hold items (and if so, whether there will be the same number of items, or even if they will be the same items). As crafting will be available, it makes sense that flooding the market with a lot of items at once might not be great for the economy.


  • Q. Is there a way to buy Unclaimed Plots?
  • A. All plots (other than Rivers, Roads, Nodes, or Luna’s Landing) are currently claimed. If you see a normal plot that reads as unclaimed, it is a glitch in the database. Rivers, Roads and Nodes will not be claimable. Luna’s Landing plots have been awarded as a prize from a Spring 2019 contest, or and will be used to incentivize content creators in the future.


  • Q. How do I buy Land Plots? I have ETH but its saying “Not enough Loom ETH, top up Loom ETH and try again”
  • A. Land and items are currently hosted on the Loom sidechain. In order to buy ETH you need to sign into your Axie Infinity Marketplace Dashboard and Add balance to your Loom ETH account. Once this clears, you can buy land.